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About Jay

“My goal is to make the Sheriff’s Office an agency that other agencies want to model themselves after, from a team concept, enhancing the morale of our employees, utilizing modern training to increasing community communication and transparency within the sheriff’s department. As a lifelong resident of Lancaster County and the place I chose to raise my family, I humbly announce my candidacy for Sheriff of Lancaster County.”


Jay Pitts developed his strong sense of commitment and service to his community from his father John Pitts Sr. John Pitts joined the Lincoln Police Department in 1973 after earning two national championships while playing football at the University of Nebraska. John’s dedication to Lincoln and Lancaster County has inspired Jay to serve his community as a law enforcement officer and is a major influence in his decision to run for Sheriff of Lancaster County.

Pitts stated part of his platform for county sheriff will include fairly enforcing current laws instead of using the sheriff’s office to change laws or influence lawmakers. “As Sheriff, the enforcement of the law is paramount. I have no intentions of interjecting personal beliefs into creating new laws,” said Pitts. “That job is for the Legislative branch of our government. The Sheriff's Office should enforce laws as they currently stand, and enforce new laws as they are created.


Officer Pitts plans to meet with local community leaders throughout his campaign to hear their concerns and ideas. “As a 21-year veteran I know a lot, but learning and understanding the needs of the people we protect and serve is ongoing. I am committed to making this department a great place to work and something our community can be proud of.”

As a seven-year member of the board for the Lighthouse after-school program and a recent addition to the Centerpointe Board of Directors, Jay is committed to learning from his constituents and using that knowledge to improve public safety.


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